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Soft gommage | Fast Action Line 75ml

Цена: 33.29 USD

Soft gommage-peeling for morning cleansing. Ideal for thorough and gentle cleansing oily and sensitive skin prone to acne. Due to the unique Magiray formula and gel texture helps remove flaking, remove excess dead skin cells, soften and smooth the skin surface without damaging it. Eliminates shine all day, prevents the appearance of «black spots», leaving the skin clean and fresh.

How to use: Apply to clean skin massage movements until «pellet», then rinse with water. Suitable for daily use.


Soft gel gommage-peeling for morning cleanse oily and sensitive skin. Magiray Soft gommage gently removes dead skin cells, removes fat and gives the skin a fresh, clean and matte appearance throughout the day.

  •  A water based exfoliator gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin
  •  Reduce the formation of blackheads and excess sebum
  •  Removes dirt and oil without harsh ingredients that can dry or irritate your skin.


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